Are joist hangers better than screws?

Answer On One Hand: Joist Hangers Offer More SupportJoist hangers are the best option when hanging a shelf or heavy picture on your wall. Especially in areas where a wall stud is not available, a joist ha... Read More »

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Are joist hangers necessary?

On One Hand: Joist Hangers Make a Strong ConnectionJoist hangers create a stronger connection than toe-nailing or end-nailing a joist. The stamped metal connection requires multiple fasteners to lo... Read More »

How many nails are in joist hangers?

The number of nails in joist hangers depends on the size of the hanger needed for the load conditions. Hangers can use anywhere from three to eight nails per flange. There are four flanges in total... Read More »

How to Attach Joist Hangers?

A joist hanger is a U-shaped metal bracket designed to support a structural wood joist. In fact, a joist hanger does much more than what its name implies, increasing the options for securely connec... Read More »

How long should the screws be when attaching a two joist?

Whenever you have a home improvement project that requires you to join two joists, it is recommended that you use either 2 1/2- or 3-inch screws. And they should be deck screws, not drywall screws... Read More »