Are jobs good for teenagers?

Answer On One Hand: Jobs = ResponsibilityA job can present an opportunity to expose teenagers to the responsibility of adulthood, while allowing them to earn money to spend on entertainment, car insurance... Read More »

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Are summer jobs good for teenagers?

On One Hand: Many Benefits of Teen JobsTeenagers who get jobs, including summer jobs, experience many benefits from the work. explains that jobs can help teenagers to become more res... Read More »

Where's a good place that hires teenagers for summer jobs?

Does Any One Know Any Jobs For Teenagers?

if you're over 16, try McDonalds or some other fast food chainIf not, theres always mowing lawns, paper routes, babysitting, extra chores, moving stuff for old people, etc.

Jobs for Teenagers Under 18?

If you are under 18 years old and need a job, whether seasonal or part time, you may encounter some closed doors. Some jobs are out of your reach for legal reasons; for example, you cannot serve al... Read More »