Are jobs available if you have a felony?

Answer While certain employers, such as some law enforcement agencies, will not hire felons, it is possible to find work, according to Felony Guide, the leading provider of county jail information in the ... Read More »

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What Jobs Are Available If I Have an Associate Degree in General Studies?

An associate degree in general studies is perfect for students who are interested in returning to school to gain the foundation required for a four-year degree. An associate degree gives students a... Read More »

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Lexmark 4270 No Communication Available print jobs stay in que and say printing. Have tried everything, HELP!?

This sounds like a possible glitch in the properties of the printer. I would like you to try this . Step 1: Get to your control panelStep 2 Open printer /faxesStep 3 Left click then printer a mini ... Read More »

How do I find jobs with a felony record?

Starting EmploymentLook for jobs that specifically hire past offenders or are more likely to hire someone with a criminal record. You may have a better chance of getting a job if you go through a s... Read More »