Why can't they have a product to keep away the ticks and mosquitoes on humans like they have for dogs?

Answer Human wouldnt use it, the same way u dont use the spray once a week

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They have dogs see 4 blind, detect low blood sugars, seizures, etc. When will they make 1 that can clean house?

I had one that cleaned up potato chip crumbs for me.

What night clubs in downtown orlando have you been too Are they good Are they 18+ do they use wrist bands?

I went to one during the day that had a big castle and two mice running around, along with a bunch of other characters and rides and stuff. I don't think it was 18+ because there were lot's of litt... Read More »

My chicken farmers hot dogs say best by 4/05 it's 4/24 are they any good?

They will be fine unopened and air eascping is quite naturalH-man

Why do Chinese in my city open japanese restaurants whereas they are not Japanese and don't know their culture?

Japanese food is good, and since there are not many Japanese people around to open up Japanese restaurants, Chinese people step up to the plate.Also, Japanese people aren't as flashy as Chinese peo... Read More »