Are iq tests meaningless for children?

Answer On One Hand: They Help Identify Gifted And Challenged KidsAccording to the National Association for Gifted Children, IQ tests help parents and educators identify children gifted in the areas that a... Read More »

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At what age can children get allergy tests?

On One Hand: Testing Can Be EffectiveAllergy testing is possible at any age. Testing can occur as early as infancy and exams can be extensive. Medical professionals tend to agree that assessing all... Read More »

Learning Styles Tests for Children?

Children, like adults, learn in one of three ways, and finding out which learning style your child is can help them throughout education. People either learn through auditory cues, visually or thro... Read More »

Learning Style Tests for Children?

Understanding how your child interprets and replicates information leads to a better education and developmental growth. Classrooms should incorporate multiple learning strategies that appeal to al... Read More »

What are the literature on intelligence tests appropriate for children with special needs?