Are internal laptop hard drives interchangeable?

Answer On One Hand: Not All of ThemInternal laptop hard drives come in two form factors: IDE and SATA. IDE and SATA are not interchangeable, according to laptop hard drive maker Seagate. Thus, before atte... Read More »

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Are laptop hard drives interchangeable?

Laptop hard drives are interchangeable. You may need to change your hard drive if it crashes or dies. Depending on the laptop manufacturer and model, you can install a variety of hard drives includ... Read More »

How many more internal hard drives can i connect to my motherboard?

from the specs of your motherboard, i think you can connect only one more IDE or SATA drive. take a look at the specs below. you are equipped with 1 SATA and 1 IDE port on the MB. That means you ca... Read More »

How do I use the 2 250GB hard drives in my laptop as a single hard drive?

In Windows 7 and Windows Vista, resizing your volumes or re-partitioning your hard drive has become a lot easier than in previous Windows versions. However, there are still a few pitfalls that will... Read More »

How big are laptop hard drives?

Laptop hard drives are smaller than standard size hard drives for desktop computers as laptops are portable. They are 2.5" in size, while their desktop counterparts are 3.5" in size.References:Geek... Read More »