Are interest rates on credit cards going up?

Answer On One Hand: Most Likely Going Up.Interest rates are most likely to climb up, as of 2010, because of inflationary measures taken to get the U.S. economy recovering after the 2008 recession and the ... Read More »

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Are mortgage interest rates going to decrease?

On One Hand: morgage rates have fallen recentlyIn response to the economic crisis in Greece, mortgage rates have fallen. Since the stock market took a tumble, many investors moved their investments... Read More »

Legislation on Credit Card Interest Rates?

Passed in 2009, the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure--which was also known as the Credit CARD Act--introduced legislation for new laws regarding credit card interest rates.

How to Combat High Credit Card Interest Rates?

Many people have experienced a jump in credit card interest rates, often for no explainable reason. If your current credit card company has increased your rates, there may be something you can do a... Read More »

How to Lower Interest Rates on Your Credit Card?

This will tell you how to lower your credit card interest rates.