Are insurance settlements shared among spouses?

Answer Whether insurance settlements are considered community property depends upon the nature of the settlement. Personal injury settlements belong to the individual suffering the injury and are not comm... Read More »

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Is it legal for a company to refuse to allow you to enroll in their medical insurance simply because you are listed under a spouses insurance plan as well?

Answer If your company pays the premiums themselves for employee health insurance, it is understandable why they would refuse to cover you. This is an extra cost for them and you are already insure... Read More »

Can an employee drop their health insurance coverage when it isn't their open enrollment to join their spouses coverage at their spouses open enrollment?

You can but it is unwise because you need to know when you would be covered by the spouse's health plan. Some plans have 3 and 6 monthj waiting periods. So it is wise to keep your insurance, sign u... Read More »

Taxation of Insurance Settlements?

Generally speaking, insurance settlements are not taxable. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule. As with all tax-related issues, it is wise to consult your tax professional in order to ens... Read More »

Are Insurance Settlements Taxable?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may count insurance settlements as taxable income. If you are in an accident and injured, or your car sustains damage, money you receive to repair your car is not... Read More »