Are insurance companies going to stop insuring Akita owners in Oregon?

Answer Not deductible on your federal income tax return.

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What companies offer sr22 non owners insurance in San Diego California?

Answer Almost any Insurance agent can assist you in filing an sr22 form in your state.

Do health insurance companies cover children past the age of 18 if they are not going to college?

Prior to the passage of the Affordable Health Care for America Act of 2010, children past the age of 21 who were not attending college could be dropped from their parents' health insurance. As of S... Read More »

Which insurance companies in California provide General Liability insurance for pest control companies?

Philadelphia Insurance CompaniesContact: Mike

Can you take out travel insurance with two different companies if you are going away for more than 31 days?

What are you taking insurance out on? And no 99% of the time you cannot have 2 insurance policy's on one vehicle, item, house or property, or in genral anything you are insuring. The only time you... Read More »