Are insurance companies going to stop insuring Akita owners in Oregon?

Answer Not deductible on your federal income tax return.

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What companies offer sr22 non owners insurance in San Diego California?

Answer Almost any Insurance agent can assist you in filing an sr22 form in your state.

Are there liability issues with insuring your daughter's car under your auto insurance rather than in her own name?

doesnt matterYou would register and provide insurance in the State you live.

Which insurance companies in California provide General Liability insurance for pest control companies?

Philadelphia Insurance CompaniesContact: Mike

Is there any fees or downpayments that have to made on car insurance besides the first month's payment when first insuring an automobile?

Answer It's not likely due to the fact that the company would consider the person a high risk. In most states it would not be legal to insure a nonlicensed driver. In many cases person's who have a... Read More »