Are insurance annuities safe investments?

Answer On One Hand: Standard Annuities.Although they generally don't perform as well as other investment options, a standard annuity is a very safe investment. The company that sold it is required to pay ... Read More »

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Are variable annuities good investments?

On One Hand: They Offer Tax-Deferred Growth.Annuities allow money to grow tax-free until retirement at which point you can withdraw the money and have it be treated as ordinary income and there are... Read More »

Are annuities considered long-term investments?

Annuities are considered long-term investments and should only be used as such, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. While you might start gaining annuity payments right away, ... Read More »

Are my investments safe?

On One Hand: No Investments GuaranteedAll investments carry risk. According to a 2005 article in USA Today, an investor can generally gauge the risk of an investment by the promised returns; invest... Read More »

Are guaranteed annuities safe at AIG?

Guaranteed annuities with AIG are safe for now according to Kiplinger. As with any investment, take the time to read the prospectus before making any investment. Even guaranteed programs may have c... Read More »