Are inside walls allowed to be removed in a condo?

Answer Your question reads as though you are contemplating remodeling some part of your condominium unit. Best practices indicate that before you begin removing walls, you review your architectural plans ... Read More »

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Who pays for real property in condo when condo association performs demolition of roof and walls?

Read your governing documents to determine ownership. There is a line between what a unit owner owns and what all unit owners own in common with all other owners. Ownership may determine who pays, ... Read More »

You have 2 Bichons and moved to a condo the condo association now says they have changed their rules and you are allowed one pet only They are refusing to grandfather your purchase under the original?

If you purchased the condominium when the rule allowed two pets, and afterward, the association adjusted its rules to limit the number of pets to one, you should be allowed to keep both animals bec... Read More »

Should the air conditioning copper lines be run from the inside unit to the outside without splices or are splices acceptable inside finished walls and between floors?

Answer The refrigerant lines should be as short as possible and preferrably without splices.

Whats is not allowed after having your appendix removed?

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