Are inmates being mistreated?

Answer On One Hand: Inmates Should Be PunishedWhether or not inmates are being mistreated depends on who you ask. For the family of their victims, the answer may be a resounding "no." For the correctional... Read More »

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How to Help Stop Animals Being Mistreated?

Animal cruelty is everywhere. It's thousands of miles away, and maybe right in your neighborhood. We should all do our part to help abused and mistreated animals, so keep a close eye and have the h... Read More »

How to Deal With Being Mistreated by Boys?

Are you being mistreated by boys? Whether it's physical, verbal, or even over the Internet, we know just how to stop it.

What if a 16 year old in minnesota is being mistreated in the home and leaves?

You have no rights and life is dangerous as a runaway. If you stay with someone and is reported as a runaway they are harboring a runaway which is illegal. The police will look for you. Better to c... Read More »

I think my 2 year old is being mistreated at her dayhome. Where can I get a recording device that she can wear?

Maybe just pull your child out of dayhome,or talk to other parents that have had the same dayhome, and to see what they thought.But maybe a spy store, maybe online,But I would pull my child out, if... Read More »