Are inheritance taxes public record?

Answer If you have paid an inheritance tax, the general practice of states is to exclude that confidential information from general access by the public. In states, such as Indiana, its Supreme Court has ... Read More »

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Are inheritance taxes public record in Pennsylvania?

Inheritance tax records can be obtained by the public in Pennsylvania by filing a request with the register of wills office in the county in which the deceased person lived, according to the Pennsy... Read More »

Are corporate payroll taxes a matter of public record?

The Internal Revenue Service abides by an overall rule, which is that employees of the U.S. government cannot disclose tax information--whether those be corporate payroll taxes or individual tax re... Read More »

How to File for Inheritance Taxes?

Inheritance tax, sometimes erroneously referred to as estate tax, is the tax liability that arises from the bequest a beneficiary receives upon the passing of the decedent. While liability is calcu... Read More »

Do you pay income taxes on an inheritance in Indiana?

According to Retirement Living, inheritance taxes are strictly a state tax but are not imposed on an inheritance in Indiana. The Internal Revenue Service may levy estate or gift taxes if the amount... Read More »