Are infrared heaters practical?

Answer On One Hand: Home Heating SavingsInfrared heaters are compact, inexpensive heat sources that many people use in their homes to reduce heating bills. Small heaters can help to heat common areas or f... Read More »

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Are home infrared heaters practical?

On One Hand: Efficient Heating for Limited SpacesInfrared home heaters emit a type of heat that directly warms items within the line of sight of the heater. Infrared heat can be effectively used to... Read More »

What are infrared heaters?

From toasters to industrial ovens, infrared heaters see use in a wide range of applications. Infrared, being a form of light, radiates its energy efficiently and quickly. Its heat is easy to contro... Read More »

How do I compare infrared heaters?

Read and Compare Manufacturer InformationNarrow your choices to two or three infrared heaters to avoid getting confused between the models and options. Compare the model specification literature of... Read More »

Are infrared heaters really efficient?

On One Hand: Infrared Space Heaters are 100 Percent EfficientInfrared space heaters are 100 percent efficient in converting energy to heat, but not all of them are efficient at distributing that he... Read More »