Are infrared gas grills really worth it?

Answer On One Hand: Lots of Cooking OptionsAn infrared grill allows you to cook meat evenly, similar to a rotisserie but the food is cooked horizontally. Infrared grills also have an extremely wide range ... Read More »

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The Differences Between Infrared Grills & Gas?

Outdoor grilling, as it's practiced today, is a product of 1940s campsite grilling and outdoor picnics. This way of cooking was incorporated into 1950s home life, as suburbanites began backyard gri... Read More »

Are infrared heaters worth the money?

On One Hand: Some Are Highly RatedSome infrared heaters are well-liked by both consumers and reviewers. For example, the Optimus H-5210 Infrared Quartz heater--which was priced around $30 as of Jan... Read More »

Are infrared heaters really efficient?

On One Hand: Infrared Space Heaters are 100 Percent EfficientInfrared space heaters are 100 percent efficient in converting energy to heat, but not all of them are efficient at distributing that he... Read More »

Is it Really Worth Buying a Blue Ray Player Is the image really a lot better?

The difference is remarkable when you first see the HD picture. However, it soon wears off and you start to wonder whether it was such a good investment after all. My best advice would be to buy a ... Read More »