Are index funds better than mutual funds?

Answer On One Hand: Index Funds have Lower Fees.Index funds are a type of mutual fund that measures the total value of a group of stocks. Generally index funds resemble the fluctuations of the entire mark... Read More »

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Is there an index similar to S&P 500 for mutual funds?

According to Griffin Meyers, with Volt Wealth Management Group, there is no index for mutual funds that functions like the S&P 500 Index, but there are individual indices based on the type of mutua... Read More »

How reliable are the returns on the stock index mutual funds?

On One Hand: Index Funds Match The Stock MarketIndex funds are mutual funds that try to replicate fluctuations in whatever stock index they're tied to. For example, the value of a Dow Jones index ... Read More »

Are index funds better than actively managed funds?

On One Hand: Actively Managed Funds Claim to be the MarketManagers of actively managed funds claim they have the skills and experience to beat the market. Investors in actively managed funds believ... Read More »

The Role of Hedge Funds & Hedge Fund-Like Mutual Funds in a Portfolio?

The initial design of the hedge fund provided a hedging or insurance for the investment portfolio. Now hedge funds offer aggressively managed portfolios with fewer limitations on the investment cho... Read More »