Are income taxes voluntary?

Answer Income taxes are voluntary only insofar as citizens have the right to fill out their own tax returns, rather than having the government assign taxes without citizens' input. Any person whose income... Read More »

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Is paying income taxes voluntary?

No, according to the Internal Revenue Service, the payment of income taxes is not voluntary. In fact, section one of the Internal Revenue Code specifically levies a tax on the income of individuals... Read More »

What income bracket pays federal income taxes?

All income brackets have people who have federal tax obligations, however, the amount of people who owe any taxes drops precipitously as income levels falls. According to the Tax Policy Center, onl... Read More »

Is retirement income exempt from state income taxes?

Every state handles taxation of retirement income differently. Seven states do not tax personal income at all, two only tax income from interest and dividends, and 36 states offer some type of excl... Read More »

Can You File State Income Taxes Before Federal Taxes?

Although you do not have to file your federal return first, many states' tax returns require information from your federal return. This means you will have to complete your federal return before yo... Read More »