Are impatiens deer resistant?

Answer Impatiens, an annual flowering plant also known as Impatiens walleriana, is moderately resistant to deer. The Rutgers New Jersey Agriculture Experiment Station gave impatiens a grade of "C" for dee... Read More »

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Deer Resistant Gardenias?

The gardenia bush is one plant that is deer resistant, perhaps because of its heavy scent. Gardenias grow best in areas of the South, from USDA zones 8 to 10, that have both mild summers and winter... Read More »

Is germander deer resistant?

Germander, or teucrium, is considered deer resistant. There are many varieties of germander within the shrub and herb category. It should be noted that no plant is completely deer proof, unless poi... Read More »

Deer Resistant Juniper?

Deer can be a gardener's nightmare. According to "Landscape Plants Rated by Deer Resistance," featured on the Rutgers: New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station website, there's no entirely deer-r... Read More »

Is bamboo deer resistant?

Deer generally do not choose to eat bamboo, instead preferring softer grasses and leafy plants. But if they become hungry enough, or other food sources in the area become scarce, deer will eat almo... Read More »