Are impatiens deer resistant?

Answer Impatiens, an annual flowering plant also known as Impatiens walleriana, is moderately resistant to deer. The Rutgers New Jersey Agriculture Experiment Station gave impatiens a grade of "C" for dee... Read More »

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Are hydrangeas deer resistant?

No, hydrangeas are not considered deer resistant. According to the West Virginia University Cooperative Extension, deer frequently damage hydrangeas. These plants may need chemical or physical prot... Read More »

Is calibrachoa deer resistant?

Calibrachoa is deer resistant, but a starving deer will eat nearly anything. This annual looks like miniature petunias on spreading stems. It is a good choice for a ground cover in deer country.Sou... Read More »

Are daylilies deer resistant?

Although no plant is deer-proof, the daylily (Hemerocallis) is deer resistant. If deer are hungry enough they will eat any plant, but toxicity, texture or strong flavor are deterrents for them. The... Read More »

Are violas deer resistant?

Violas are not deer resistant. Deer are browsing animals that travel in search of succulent plants to satisfy their nutritional needs. The West Virginia University Extension Service categorizes vio... Read More »