Are immersion heaters safe?

Answer On One Hand: They Can ExplodeAccording to GMTV, an immersion heater can explode and be fatal, as in the 2006 scalding death of Rhianna Hardie, a 10-month-old whose crib was on the floor directly un... Read More »

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Are tankless heaters safe?

On One Hand: Safe and Energy EfficientTankless heaters for domestic hot water are just as safe as traditional hot water tanks; they simply work differently. Tankless heaters go into action when yo... Read More »

Are ventless heaters safe?

On One Hand: Ventless Heaters Can Be DangerousBecause ventless heaters have no flues, they vent combustion gases directly into a building's air supply. One of these gases can be carbon monoxide, wh... Read More »

Are electric heaters safe?

On One Hand: Consider Safety Features When BuyingElectric space heaters can be a safe and efficient way to heat a small area of your home if you follow safety precautions and stay within a close di... Read More »

Are kerosene heaters safe?

On One Hand: Kerosene Heaters Present a DangerAccording to the National Fire Protection Association, "space heating poses a much higher risk of fire, death, injury and loss per million users than c... Read More »