Are immersion heaters safe?

Answer On One Hand: They Can ExplodeAccording to GMTV, an immersion heater can explode and be fatal, as in the 2006 scalding death of Rhianna Hardie, a 10-month-old whose crib was on the floor directly un... Read More »

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Are kerosene heaters safe?

On One Hand: Kerosene Heaters Present a DangerAccording to the National Fire Protection Association, "space heating poses a much higher risk of fire, death, injury and loss per million users than c... Read More »

Are propane heaters safe?

Propane heaters are safe as long as you use them properly, recommends Consumer Reports. You should avoid using a propane heater inside your house, unless you place it in a well-vented room with fir... Read More »

Are halogen heaters safe?

On One Hand: Halogen Heaters Are SafeMost halogen heaters are enclosed with an outer casing that does not heat up and which include an automatic shutoff switch in case the heater tips over. These a... Read More »

Are ventless heaters safe?

On One Hand: Ventless Heaters Can Be DangerousBecause ventless heaters have no flues, they vent combustion gases directly into a building's air supply. One of these gases can be carbon monoxide, wh... Read More »