Are igloo type dog houses insulated?

Answer In colder climates, dogs need and appreciate a warm house to retreat to. One option is the dog igloo, many of which are built with special features so that they are well insulated.ConstructionMany ... Read More »

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Who makes igloo dog houses?

Easy recognizable by its "igloo" shape, the Indigo Igloo Dog Home is made by a company called Petmate. Made of a hard foam material, the Igloo dog house is easy to assemble, just snap the Igloo top... Read More »

What type of radiation do stone houses have?

The radiation in stone houses is called ionizing radiation. According to the World Health Organization, this means that a radiating particle forms ions out of atoms by stealing electrons from the a... Read More »

What type of gourd is used for purple martin houses?

Any gourd large enough for purple martins can be used as their birdhouse. The Purple Martin Conservation Society recommends that gourds be white or light colored to reflect heat and note that the l... Read More »

Which type of housing is better glass wood or brick houses?

Answerbuild one of each side by side by side then throw rocks at each of them.The last one standing is the best.No I'm kiddingbrick homes outlast time and are much stronger glass homes are or can b... Read More »