Are hyland's teething tablets safe?

Answer On One Hand: Potentially Dangerous IngredientsThe main argument against Hyland's Teething Tablets is the use of belladonna in the ingredients. Belladonna is a highly poisonous plant that can cause ... Read More »

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Ingredients in Teething Tablets?

Infants can begin cutting teeth as young as 3 months old and as late as one year. No matter when they begin the process, children should have 20 teeth by age 3. Although some children have minimal... Read More »

Is Chamomilla Safe for Teething?

A teething baby can be a placid drooler, an inconsolable screamer or anything in between. Homeopathy offers a great option for parents who want a safe, natural remedy to ease this transition. The h... Read More »

Accidentally melted a teething ring in a sanitizing unit. Is everything else that was in the sanitizer safe?

How odd I have sanitised many a teething ring This has never happened to me ?I would empty your sanitiser and place the bottles back in Its best to be safe than sorry ?

Are Malaria tablets safe?

"Are Malaria tablets safe?" -- Safer than getting malaria but I think you mean anti-malaria. You need to look at this link:…"Also what other jabs will... Read More »