Are hydrogen bonds weak or strong?

Answer The attraction of the negative oxygen or nitrogen end of a polar molecule to the positive hydrogen end of another polar molecule is called a hydrogen bond. According to Brooklyn College, City Unive... Read More »

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Are hydrogen bonds strong bonds?

Hydrogen bonds are strong bonds. They are stronger than dispersion forces and dipole forces. A hydrogen bond is formed between hydrogen and either nitrogen, oxygen, or fluorine. The hydrogen bondin... Read More »

Is benzoic acid strong or weak?

Benzoic acid is a weak organic acid, commonly used as a food preservative. The chemical formula for this compound, which belongs to the carboxylic acid family, has the chemical formula C6H5COOH.Ref... Read More »

If i cobver my strong eye will my weak eye get stronger?

The generally accepted theory is that lazy eye (amblyopia) cannot be meaningfully corrected after the approximate age of seven or eight years. The brain has vision centers for each eye (left and r... Read More »

How do hydrogen bonds form?

Hydrogen bonds are formed by the attraction between opposite charged dipoles between polar molecules and play a significant role in the behavior of many compounds including water and DNA. Physical ... Read More »