Are hydrogen bonds strong bonds?

Answer Hydrogen bonds are strong bonds. They are stronger than dispersion forces and dipole forces. A hydrogen bond is formed between hydrogen and either nitrogen, oxygen, or fluorine. The hydrogen bondin... Read More »

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Are hydrogen bonds weak or strong?

The attraction of the negative oxygen or nitrogen end of a polar molecule to the positive hydrogen end of another polar molecule is called a hydrogen bond. According to Brooklyn College, City Unive... Read More »

The Formation of Hydrogen Bonds?

A hydrogen bond is formed when the positive end of one molecule is attracted to the negative end of another. The concept is similar to magnetic attraction where opposite poles attract. Hydrogen h... Read More »

Are hydrogen bonds polar?

A polar molecule is a type of molecule that has a partial negative charge at one end of the molecule and a partial positive charge elsewhere. An example of a polar molecule is a water molecule. Hyd... Read More »

Who discovered hydrogen bonds?

Hydrogen bonding (often referred to as the H-bond) was discovered in 1920 by Worth H. Rodebush and Wendell Latimer while they worked in a laboratory at the University of California in Berkeley. A h... Read More »