Are hydrangeas poisonous to horses?

Answer Hydrangea plants are not poisonous to horses. But there are so many plants, shrubs and trees that are toxic to horses that any you have a question about should be researched or checked out with by ... Read More »

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Are Hydrangeas Poisonous to Cats?

Cats are curious creatures that tend to get into things they shouldn't, such as a prized plant or the chicken marinading on the kitchen counter. However, this curiosity can result in serious illnes... Read More »

Are Hydrangeas Poisonous to Pets?

In the United States, 33 percent of households own a minimum of one cat and 39 percent of households own at least one dog. Unfortunately, hydrangeas are a type of plant that is poisonous to both of... Read More »

Is honeysuckle poisonous to horses?

Honeysuckle is a woody vine that produces sweet tasting foliage and glossy berries. According to the ASPCA, honeysuckle is not poisonous when consumed by horses. The plant is poisonous to humans wh... Read More »

Are oak trees poisonous to horses?

While not as poisonous to horses as many plants and trees, oak leaves and acorns can still prove toxic if consumed in large quantities because of the tannic acid they contain. The greatest threat o... Read More »