Are hydrangeas deer resistant?

Answer No, hydrangeas are not considered deer resistant. According to the West Virginia University Cooperative Extension, deer frequently damage hydrangeas. These plants may need chemical or physical prot... Read More »

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Are hydrangeas deer proof?

Hydrangeas are frequently damaged by deer. Deer are selective about the plants they eat. With rising deer populations and humans taking over deer habitats, deer feeding on ornamental plants continu... Read More »

Is mint deer resistant?

Deer have a hearty appetite and enjoy eating most of the plants they find growing in gardens and flower beds around your home. Although no plant is truly deer resistant, mint is one plant deer no... Read More »

Are artichokes deer resistant?

Artichokes are deer resistant. Planting artichokes around your non-deer resistant plants can help protect your garden without the need for a deer-proof fence. Artichokes bloom into beautiful purple... Read More »

Are impatiens deer resistant?

Impatiens, an annual flowering plant also known as Impatiens walleriana, is moderately resistant to deer. The Rutgers New Jersey Agriculture Experiment Station gave impatiens a grade of "C" for dee... Read More »