Are humidifiers good or bad?

Answer On One Hand: Humidifiers Have Health Benefits.Humidifiers add moisture to your home's air. This can alleviate some uncomfortable health conditions including dry skin and lips, nosebleeds and cold s... Read More »

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Are humidifiers good for colds?

On One Hand: Treats the SymptomsA humidifier is good for treating cold symptoms, according to iVillage. The water vapor released by the humidifier can soothe irritated nasal passages and combat nas... Read More »

Is silver used in humidifiers?

Humidifiers use the antimicrobial properties of silver ions to prevent buildup of bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores within the water tank. Silver ions, which are released slowly but constantly wi... Read More »

Are humidifiers harmful?

On One Hand: Humidifiers Can Disperse Harmful Elements Into AirHumidifiers are normally used to release moisture into dry air, easing skin and breathing problems. Although they have a number of be... Read More »

Do humidifiers need filters?

Most humidifiers do require the use of filters. Filters on humidifiers usually need to be replaced every two months or so for optimum performance, depending on the model, frequency of use and your ... Read More »