Are huggies baby wipes flushable?

Answer Huggies baby wipes are not meant to be flushed in the toilet, according to Huggies manufacturer Kimberly-Clark Worldwide. The company recommends disposing the wipes in a trash bag or proper waste c... Read More »

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How to Make My Own Flushable Baby Wipes?

Having a baby is a wonderful but expensive experience. All the little things a baby needs add up rather quickly, so you may find yourself trying to save every little bit you can. One way to save mo... Read More »

Are flushable wipes really flushable?

Flushable wipes are now an alternative to standard toilet paper. The good news is that they can be flushed and make their way out of your plumbing. However, they sometimes cause problems further do... Read More »

Are all wet ones wipes flushable?

Wet Ones brand Antibacterial, Sensitive Skin and Big Ones Antibacterial wipes are not described as flushable on Wet Ones' website. However, Wet Ones does make personal hygiene wipes called Fresh 'n... Read More »

Can you flush Huggies wipes?

Huggies wipes cannot be flushed down the toilet. They should be thrown away in a waste container. Huggies wipes are made from stretch fabric called Coform. This fabric is made of plastic fibers an... Read More »