Are hotel rooms in Rome heated during May?

Answer It depends on the hotel and the weather for the day, but in general, no, since the average temperatures range from 52 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, air-conditioning is most likely to be turned... Read More »

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New york in hotel i want to see in rooms?

You can typically see the rooms on a 360 degree view at the franchise website. If that wont work, you can go to the hotel & ask to view a room. I bet they'd accomodate you :).

What are closed rooms in a hotel?

Some hotels and small condominiums offer closed rooms, which means they have clearly defined, separate bedrooms or suites, closed off from the rest of the space. The standard hotel room is just one... Read More »

How many rooms does the Hotel Del Coronado have?

According to the VisitSanDiego website, the Hotel Del Coronado, located on Coronado Island across from San Diego Bay in California, has 675 rooms. The Victorian-style hotel is more than 100 years o... Read More »

How many rooms are at the Mandalay Bay hotel?

According to, Mandalay Bay is an expansive hotel that spans 60 acres. In addition to the casino and numerous amenities, the hotel boasts an astounding 3,309 Ma... Read More »