Are hot water recirculation systems efficient?

Answer On One Hand: Passive Recirculation Systems Are EfficientA passive recirculation system is efficient because it maintains the hot water for the shortest distance. A small pump is placed on the hot ... Read More »

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Are there any simple water filtration systems, like PUR or Brita, that can be used for well water?

You won't know what kind of filter you need until you have the water tested to find out which minerals or contaminants are present. There are iron and sediment filters which can be put on the line... Read More »

Are water filters energy efficient?

Water filters are energy efficient but it all depends on the model you purchase and how much you use. Some models consume more energy then others and another factor is based on how much you use it.... Read More »

How Efficient Is Oil Hot Water Baseboard Heat?

On One Hand: Baseboard Heat Can Be EfficientOil-fired hot water baseboard heat compares favorably with other types of heating for cost efficiency. In a heating fuel comparison calculator created in... Read More »

How to Take a Water Efficient Shower?

In this day-and-age, many people are cutting costs to help them save money in such a turbulent economy. Being tight on money or just wanting to conserve water, follow these steps to take an efficie... Read More »