Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy?

Answer On One Hand: Safety PrecautionsThere are precautions that pregnant women can take while relaxing in a hot tub to make the activity safer. They can reprogram the hot tub to a lower temperature, spen... Read More »

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How do hot tubs affect pregnancy?

Answer Hot tubs are a no-no during pregnancy. The hot tub will raise your internal temperature, and the baby has no way to deal with the heat, the heat can cause birth defects, and even miscarriage... Read More »

Are hot tubs safe?

On One Hand: Average PersonProper hot-tub use keeps the average person safe from harm. Supervised children and adults are safe if they keep their heads out of the water and limit use of the hot tub... Read More »

Are hot tubs safe for children?

On One Hand: They Are Safe With PrecautionsA hot tub is safe only if children are supervised at all times. The temperature cannot be too hot. Children must put up long hair so it doesn't get caught... Read More »

Are hot tubs safe for pacemakers?

On One Hand: Immediately After SurgeryHot tubs are not safe for people with a pacemaker for 14 days after surgery, according to the Ohio State University Medical center. This is because you can't g... Read More »