Are hot tubs safe during pregnancy?

Answer On One Hand: Safety PrecautionsThere are precautions that pregnant women can take while relaxing in a hot tub to make the activity safer. They can reprogram the hot tub to a lower temperature, spen... Read More »

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Is it safe to eat raisins during pregnancy?

Yes. The only things you should avoid is alcohol, caffeine and raw meat, raw fish and raw seafood. All vegetables and fruits are fine.

Is it safe to not use protection during pregnancy?

The risk of STDs are still there but otherwise fine.

Is paracetamol safe to use during pregnancy?

Yes it is safest drug during pregnancy for headache & fever.

Is it safe to use vaseline during pregnancy?

If you are concerned please read the reports about cosmetics and pregnancy at the "cosmetics database" See link You should consider removing all exposure to petrochemicals during pregnancy and sho... Read More »