Are hot flashes a sign of pregnancy?

Answer It is a symptom of pregnancy, but if that is the only symptom that you have, I wouldn't worry about it. Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected ... Read More »

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Can hot flashes and a light period be a sign of pregnancy?

%REPLIES%AnswerYes, but it's not a sure thing. Take a home pregnancy test or go to a doctor for a test to be sure. AnswerHot flashes have been my first symptom in all 3 of my pregnancies -- in fac... Read More »

Are hot flashes a symptom of pregnancy?

Are hot flashes normal during pregnancy?

Answer A lot of my friends including myself had hot flashes as well as cold flashes duiring pregnancy. I would say it is normal. You're body is going through a lot of hormone changes. The change... Read More »

Can hot flashes and stomach pains be an indication of pregnancy?

Answer They can be symptoms, yes, but they aren't a guarantee that you're pregnant.