Are hoop earrings a ghetto style?

Answer On One Hand: Many Celebrities Wear ThemUrban culture had a lot to do with hoop earrings earning a ghetto-style reputation. As fashion trends go, many celebrities and hip-top music stars--particular... Read More »

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Why can't I put hoop earrings in yet?

I think the problem is really the weight rather than the style, the artist just didn't want your piercings to get too stretched out while they were still healing. Though I would suggest following h... Read More »

Is wearing two earrings considered ghetto?

How to Make Hoop Earrings?

Hoop earrings are accessories that are worn throughout the world. They open and close through the use of a hook mechanism. You can buy hoop earrings in clothing or jewelry stores, but you can also ... Read More »

How do I Change Hoop Earrings?

Most hoop earrings have one of two kinds of closures. The first is a standard butterfly earring back like that found on stud earrings. Hoops that close with earring backs are open on one end. The s... Read More »