Are hookworms contagious?

Answer On One Hand: No Person-to-Person TransmissionHookworm, an infestation caused by two species of roundworms, can occur only when the skin of the host--often a human--comes in contact with worm larvae... Read More »

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If a person dies of a contagious disease is corpse contagious?

Bud, the answer is sometimes yes. It depends both on the nature of of the contagious bug and the amount of time and how much drying has occurred. All contagious organisms begin to die when the in... Read More »

Treatment for Hookworms?

Hookworms are intestinal parasites that can cause serious problems in humans if left untreated. These worms get into the intestinal tract and latch themselves onto the intestinal walls. From there,... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Hookworms in Humans?

Hookworms are small parasites that attach themselves to the intestinal wall of their victims. Hookworms drain food and blood from their host and can cause anemia and other complications. Symptoms i... Read More »

The Treatment of Hookworms in Dogs?

Hookworms are parasitic microorganisms that attach to the walls of a dog's intestines with teeth-like protrusions. These parasites contribute to illness, malnourishment and sometimes life-threateni... Read More »