Are honeywell generators any good?

Answer On One Hand: Easy to Use and AdvancedHoneywell generators feature some advanced options that make them easier to use and more efficient than other models. Three of Honeywell's newer portable genera... Read More »

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Who makes Honeywell generators?

Honeywell brand portable and home stand-by generators are manufactured by Northshore Power Systems, LLC of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The company is a subsidiary of the Honeywell company, which is headq... Read More »

RV Generators: Gas vs. Propane?

An RV generator supplies electrical power beyond the means of an RV's engine. They are convenient when you’re boondocking to provide the power that you need. The two most popular fuel options f... Read More »

Generators That Run on Waste Oil?

Motorized generators can be used to create electricity directly or create steam which can then be used to turn a crankshaft. Generators can run on just about any type of fuel, including gasoline, d... Read More »

Are gas or electric generators better?

On One Hand: Cost DifferenceGas and electric generators may initially be similar in terms of price, but over a long period, gas generators will probably be cheaper. According to, in ... Read More »