Are honda engines made in the usa?

Answer Yes, Honda engines are made in the United States. In fact, Honda is the single largest manufacturer of automobile and motorcycle engines in North America. Although the majority of Honda engines are... Read More »

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What are F1 engines made of?

Engines designed for use in Formula One racing cars consist of around 1,000 different components and are mostly constructed of forged aluminium alloy. The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobil... Read More »

Are Courage XT engines made in the USA?

Courage XT engines are manufactured by Kohler, which is based in Wisconsin in the United States. However, the company relies on manufacturing facilities located in China and Italy, according to Koh... Read More »

Who made engines for the 1998 Mercury Tracer?

The 1998 Mercury Tracer featured a 2-liter SPI 2000 four-cylinder engine. This engine was produced by Ford, and was known as the CVH, or "Compound Valve Angle Hemispherical combustion chamber."Sour... Read More »

Which US railroad company made the highest quality steam engines back in the 1930-50's?

Two different things.Locomotive manufacturers included Lima, Baldwin, Alco and others, all of highest quality and cutting edge technology for the day, such as incorporation of roller bearings.Some ... Read More »