Are homeopathic medicines just water?

Answer The answer to your question is basically yes "they are just water," nothing else remains after homeopathic dilution.However, the water in homeopathic remedies is "different" from the water you get ... Read More »

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How will homeopathic medicines dissolve 17mm gall bladder stone?

NO homeopathic medicine can dissolve gallstones. Homeopathy has NO active ingredients and works by PLACEBO effects ONLY.Homeopathy - never proved to work for any medical condition ever.

Homeopathic Medicines Where can I find them in U.S.A and EU Any Stores as Well as Websites that u know of ?

Here are the results of my search, I wont know any stores not being in USA or EU but I found quite a lot of sites selling Homeopathic Medicine here are the links :- Read More »

Vegans that use vaccinations, antivenoms and medicines are just hypocrites?

Do you own a dictionary? Borrow one if you don't. You'll find out two things.1. The words 'vegan' and 'martyr' are not interchangeable2. 'Hypocrisy' means claiming to have higher standards or belie... Read More »

Just left my butter beans overnight in water but dont want to eat them yet should I just leave them in water?

Go ahead and cook them, drain them, and store that in the fridge. Otherwise if you left them in the water you have to guess how long they need to cook and they'll take up a lot more room in the fr... Read More »