Are home warranties worth the cost?

Answer On One Hand: Some Warranties Have Too Many ExclusionsAlthough warranties appear to promise protection from unexpected expenses, according to consumer protection organization Preferred Consumers, ma... Read More »

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Are extended warranties worth it?

On One Hand: Usually NotAccording to Free Money Finance, extended warranties are usually not worth the added cost. Often, the warranty costs about as much as you can expect in repairs. In addition,... Read More »

Are extended tv warranties worth it?

On One Hand: An Extended Warranty Could Save Your TV.Repairing a broken television after warranty is pricey, sometimes costing hundreds of dollars or even as much as the set. If your television fal... Read More »

Are aftermarket car warranties worth the money?

On One Hand: They Can Make SenseAftermarket warranties are extended warranties that are backed by an independent warranty company, not by the vehicle's manufacturer. Aftermarket warranties are usua... Read More »

Are extended warranties worth buying?

depends on the brand and how you treat it. Research before buying the brand/model. Most of the time extended wrarrnt not worth it.