Are home warranties good?

Answer On One Hand: Home Warranties Offer Piece of MindAccording to AzCentral.Com, warranty claims---service calls related to a problem covered under warranty---cost the home owner $30 to $100, which is f... Read More »

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How good are home warranties?

On One Hand: Peace of MindHome warranty protections provide peace of mind to homeowners, especially first-time home buyers unaware of a home's problems and landlords who frequently repair tenant we... Read More »

What do home warranties cover?

When you are looking to sell your home, you try to add as much value as you can to the sale without spending too much. A home warranty can be one of those features you add to sell your home.Identif... Read More »

Facts About Home Warranties?

Whether buying or selling a home, knowing about home warranties can change the way you look at the sale. It is helpful to check out a company and study the home warranty policy to make sure you are... Read More »

Are home warranties worth the cost?

On One Hand: Some Warranties Have Too Many ExclusionsAlthough warranties appear to promise protection from unexpected expenses, according to consumer protection organization Preferred Consumers, ma... Read More »