Are home paternity tests accurate?

Answer On One Hand: Home Paternity Tests are 99.9% AccurateAccording to Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN, if done accurately (collecting DNA via mouth swabs from the child, the mom and the possible dad), home pate... Read More »

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How accurate are paternity tests?

No paternity test can be 100 percent accurate, and the accuracy of a test depends on the procedure. The accuracy of a test improves as the amount of DNA analyzed increases, although it is possible ... Read More »

Are home cholesterol tests accurate?

On One Hand: They are AccurateHome cholesterol tests are 95 percent accurate, according to WebMD. Of the two kinds available, one is significantly more expensive, but is also more useful. The less ... Read More »

Are home pregnancy tests always accurate?

Most home pregnancy tests claim to be 99 percent accurate. According to the FDA, pregnancy tests marketed as 99 percent accurate are compared to other pregnancy tests, not necessarily actual pregna... Read More »

Are home tests for urinary tract infection accurate?

On One Hand: Yes, They Are AccurateAccording to the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, the FDA regulates at-home tests, ensuring that test results are comparable to professional laborator... Read More »