Are home owner associations required to use Robert's Rules of Order?

Answer I don't know that there are any actual laws that require any groups to use Robert's Rules, but if a group has any binding legislative or fiscal responsibility, ir is probably on shaky ground withou... Read More »

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What rules govern home owner associations in New Jersey?

New Jersey, like most other states, has a state condominium law. Developers commission a set of governing documents for every association, which are unique to that association. When you purchased ... Read More »

Are Texas home owner associations required to post or publish minutes to meetings?

Every association has a moral duty to post/ publish/ broadcast and otherwise inform owners about the business of the association conducted at board meetings. If you are not an owner, if you are a t... Read More »

Renters rights with home owner associations?

When you rent a unit/ home/ apartment that is owned by a member of a condominium, co-op or home owners association, you are subject to the rules and regulations set out in the governing documents f... Read More »

Are home owner associations responsible for picking up dog feces?

Dog owners are always responsible for picking up dog feces, regardless of where the dog lives or who owns the property where the dog makes a deposit. Home owner associations are responsible for fin... Read More »