Are home mold tests reliable?

Answer On One Hand: Count on ProfessionalsThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not recommend the use of home mold testing kits. The EPA says testing for toxic mold in your home should only be do... Read More »

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Are dog dna tests reliable?

Depending on what you're using a dog DNA test for, it can be reliable -- or not so reliable. DNA testing is very reliable for parentage (to determine if a particular male dog is the father); howeve... Read More »

How reliable are dog DNA tests?

On One Hand: Good Enough for Human TestingAccording to the DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), the world's largest, most experienced private DNA testing laboratory, dog DNA tests are reliable. The Human ... Read More »

Are Thorndike IQ tests reliable?

On One Hand: Test is Reliable and ValidThe Lorge-Thorndike Intelligence Test, which has since become known as the Cognitive Ability Test, is widely used in schools because it can be delivered to la... Read More »

Are standardized tests reliable?

On One Hand: Standardized Tests are Designed for ReliabilityStandardized testing has been in use since the early 20th Century as a way of gauging the performance of a mass number of people. These t... Read More »