Are home cleaning products dangerous while pregnant?

Answer Home Cleaning products can be dangerous because they contain many chemicals that can cause harm to the baby if you breathe too much of it in

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Are cleaning products safe when pregnant?

On One Hand: Unhealthy ChemicalsThe Environmental Protection Agency warns that exposure to some household cleaners while pregnant can cause health problems, including premature delivery and low bir... Read More »

Home Dry Cleaning Products?

Dry cleaning uses chemicals and heat to clean stains from clothes without water. Sending your clothes out for dry cleaning can make your clothes look newer longer, and can actually help them last l... Read More »

How do i sell green cleaning products from home?

Designing a WebsitePurchase green cleaning products from a wholesaler or make your own line of products. Design a website and market it around friends, relatives, neighbors and others. Consider inc... Read More »

Homemade Environmentally Safe Home Cleaning Products?

Many people use chemical-based cleaning products at home. These products clean effectively but create dangerous consequences on the natural world. Chemicals such as phosphates, nitrobenzene and ble... Read More »