Are hobbytron automatic airsoft pistols good?

Answer On One Hand: Beginner Models Are Affordable.HobbyTron automatic airsoft pistols are a common "starter gun" for individuals who are just getting into airsoft pistols. These models are often popular ... Read More »

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How to Do General Maintenance on Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistols?

In Airsoft, there are many people who have a secondary weapon to their AEG. Most of which are gas powered pistols, but there is some maintenance to keep them in working order. This will be some tip... Read More »

What is HobbyTron?

HobbyTron is the name of a hobby shop that sells mostly electronic toys and hobby-related items. The company is based in San Fernando, California, but is an online store only. There is no physical ... Read More »

Is 160 fps airsoft good?

On One Hand: FPS SafetyGenerally, the considered-safe FPS range for airsoft guns is between 200 and 400 feet per second. Inexperienced players should set their guns on the low end of this spectrum ... Read More »

How to Be Good in Airsoft?

Are you always getting shot in Airsoft, but never get a chance to get someone else? Then this article might be helpful.