Are high school graduates prepared for college?

Answer On One Hand: Test Scores Indicate "No"According to the ACT's annual College Readiness Report, only 23 percent of high school graduates are academically prepared for the rigors of higher education. ... Read More »

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Do college graduates make more money than high school graduates?

On One Hand: Higher Earning PotentialAccording to the website Earn My Degree, the average annual income of someone with a bachelor's degree is $52,200, while the average of those with just a high s... Read More »

Why do college graduates earn more money than high school graduates?

The college graduate earns more than their less educated peers. This is due to the social and economic benefits that an educated person provides a business.Reading and Writing EnglishIn a 2006 stud... Read More »

What Do High School Graduates Need to Know for College or Work?

High school is designed to prepare students to either enter the workforce or a form of higher education. While some jobs require college degrees, others do not. If you want to go to a four-year uni... Read More »

Cia opportunities for high school graduates?

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