Are high school grades a good predictor of college grades?

Answer On One Hand: Good Grades Equal Good FutureSeveral factors can play a part in determining future success--in college and beyond. A high grade point average is a critical factor in determining what c... Read More »

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Are high school grades good indicators of college grades?

On One Hand: Testing May Be ReliableAccording to a research study conducted by UC Berkeley's Center for Studies in Higher Education, there's a "widespread perception" that standardized tests, not h... Read More »

High School Grades in Comparison to College Grades?

During high school, students strive to get good grades in preparation for college, while in college, students prepare to face their future career goals. In high school, students get a lot of leeway... Read More »

Can I get into college with poor high school grades?

Having poor grades in high school does not mean a student can't get into college. It does mean, however, that the student may not initially get into her college of choice. College admission grade r... Read More »

How to Get Into College With Poor High School Grades?

Getting into college depends on a variety of factors. One is your academic record. Another is the type of school you are applying to. While poor grades can hurt your chances at any kind of competit... Read More »