Are hibiscus plants poisonous?

Answer According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the hibiscus, otherwise known as Rose of Sharon, is toxic to dogs, cats and horses. They are in the toxicity cate... Read More »

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Are hibiscus plants poisonous for pets?

Although the hibiscus plant may look harmless, it is, in fact, harmful to pets, including dogs, cats and horses. If ingested, your pet may experience several symptoms, including nausea, vomiting an... Read More »

Are Hibiscus Plants Poisonous to Dogs?

The colorful hibiscus is a shrub found in many parts of the country -- usually a landscape plant in warmer climates and container-grown in cooler regions. Pet owners should be aware the hibiscus is... Read More »

Are Hibiscus Plants Poisonous to Animals?

The hibiscus plant is also known as the rose of China and the rose of Sharon. This plant is a colorful and exotic addition to any garden or yard. However, hibiscus plants are poisonous to animals, ... Read More »

Are Hibiscus Plants Poisonous to Cats?

With their beautiful flowers, hibiscus plants can add a burst of color to your home. While they are not dangerous to humans, hibiscus plants are toxic to cats. Does this Spark an idea?