Are heroin addicts sociopathic?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, They AreMany heroin addicts exhibit behavior and attitudes that are indistinguishable from the actions of a sociopath, a person who is incapable of feeling sympathy for another pe... Read More »

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How to Deal With a Sociopathic Friend?

There is another article about how to identify and help sociopaths. This article is about dealing with a sociopathic friend, namely how to get rid of them. Imagine you have been best friends with s... Read More »

How to Get Out of a Sociopathic, Addictive Marriage?

There are several types of abusive relationships. A sociopathic, addictive marriage is characterized by one or both partners being cut off from friends and family, verbal abuse, lying, obsession wi... Read More »

How to Deal With a Sociopathic Explosive Personality?

Sociopathic personality disorder is a mental illness associated with a lack of conscience. People afflicted with this personality disorder are part of society and walk amongst us, unless they have ... Read More »

How do you rescue children from a sociopathic mother?

If you suspect child abuse call children's services and report the mother. If you hear or see the mother in an act of abuse, call the cops immediately.