Are hemlock trees poisonous?

Answer The native evergreen hemlock tree is not poisonous. The poisonous hemlock weed is not related to the hemlock tree. Poison hemlock, a member of the carrot family, can grow to be 10 feet tall and can... Read More »

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Is the Canadian hemlock poisonous?

The Canadian hemlock tree isn't poisonous---in fact, you can brew its needles to drink as a tea. Its Latin name is Tsuga canadensis. The poison hemlock plant that has fatal toxicity levels is Coniu... Read More »

About Hemlock Trees?

Hemlock trees, from the genus Tsuga in the family Pinaceae, are found in North America, China and Japan, where they grow in cool, moist areas. In the southern range of their habitat, they prefer hi... Read More »

Facts About Hemlock Trees?

Hemlock trees are represented by the Tsuga genus, which is in the Pinaceae family. The hemlock tree is different from the herb hemlock, which is poisonous. Although the hemlock is native to many co... Read More »

How to Transplant Hemlock Trees?

Hemlock trees are a soft-needled evergreen with a conical shape that resembles pine and spruce. Tall, graceful, deep-rooted hemlocks are prettiest when unpruned, with the lowest branches brushing t... Read More »