Are hedge apples poisonous to dogs?

Answer On One Hand: Hedge Apples Are NontoxicAccording to hedge apple retailer, hedge apples are nontoxic to pets and humans. The site compares their consistency and faint odor to that of o... Read More »

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Are Hedge Apples Poisonous to Humans?

Hedge apples, the fruit of the Osage-orange tree, are not poisonous when ingested by humans. According to Horticulture & Home Pest News, hedge apple juice, which is found in the fruit and the stem,... Read More »

Are hedge apples edible?

On One Hand: They are not toxic, and they have palatable seedsHedge apples, also called horse apples in Texas, are not toxic and contain small seeds that are edible. You can harvest these seeds by ... Read More »

Information on Hedge Apples?

The hedge apple, which is also known as the osage orange, is the pomifera species within the Maclura genus, which is in the Moraceae family. The hedge apple originated in the Southern United States... Read More »

Do hedge apples repel spiders?

Although many people have used hedge apples, which come from Osage orange trees, as a home remedy for keeping spiders out of their homes, no study has proven that this type of fruit can repel insec... Read More »