Are heating blankets safe?

Answer On One Hand: Electric Blankets Are Safe When Used ProperlyElectric blankets are safe for use by healthy adults when used properly, as long as the blankets are in good working condition.On the Othe... Read More »

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Are electric blankets safe to use?

On One Hand: Electric blankets are saferElectric blankets are safer to use than other heating products, including space heaters, according to Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Services. Electric blank... Read More »

Are electric blankets safe for cats?

On One Hand: Electric Cord is a HazardYou should not allow your cat to sleep on an electric blanket or line his bed with an electric blanket. He could chew on the blanket and into the electric cord... Read More »

Are electric blankets safe during pregnancy?

On One Hand: Can Be DangerousOverheating of the fetus can cause pregnancy loss and birth defects. An electric blanket can malfunction and overheat, or a mother using one can fall asleep. There has ... Read More »

Are electric blankets safe for kids?

On One Hand: Not for Small ChildrenAn electric blanket, just like any electric appliance, can malfunction. A control could work improperly, the blanket could become bunched up causing overheating o... Read More »